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Someone once told me that this picture of us looked like it belonged on tumblr. So here it is: I don’t exactly know what me and you are to each other. We’re more than friends but I won’t accept another relationship with you because you hurt me to the point that I’m scared of your actions. I know you want me back and that you think breaking up with me was a huge fuck up (and it was) but I can’t trust you because it’s not the first time… I love you so much. Way more than I ever planned on. I expected us to be a casual thing. Some short lived experience of mine to have fun but it too quickly turned into more than that and my feelings were deep. I wouldn’t fucking dare admit that to anyone or even myself because I was scared of falling in love. I knew it was more than I wanted it to be before you did. No wonder it hurt so much when you chose another over me. I don’t know if you know this but I’m very vindictive and I won’t give up without getting what I want and what I want is you. Even when we were together I didn’t feel like I had you. And now that we’re not official, it’s like you’re so desperate to have me back that you’re doing anything to get me. I hate you because you hurt me even when I asked you twice not to. You made me so miserable and insecure and never good enough to be with you. I hated it so much. I felt so lonely. I should’ve turned my back on you the moment i was told you weren’t any good for me. Despite all that shit talk, I stood by you through thick and thin. Despite you breaking my heart, I didn’t give up and found my way back into your arms. Still to this day, I’m here for you. I love you and no one else. I admit that I do shit to piss you off sometimes but only because I fucking love getting reactions out of you. It let’s me know that you care. I hope you care a lot. I care for you, even when I don’t want to. I hate that I love you sometimes, it makes my life more complicated but I guess my life was never meant to be simple<3 I want you with me till death do me part. You’re something I would mind losing. I know this is real because I’ve never been so me with anyone else. I don’t have to hide my true feelings from you or pretend to be some one else. I have a million things to show you. And as long as you stick by me, I’ll never let you down. I’ll be here till elephants fly. Love me and I’ll love you<3

Posted 2 years ago